Next Generation Digital Payments
Based on the smart blockchain 4.0 ("SOLANA") and ready for the trade of goods and digital assets.
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How GreenGoldCoin & GreenBlocks blockchain revolutionize the world.
Next Generation Cryptocurrency
What is GreenGoldCoin?
GreenGoldCoin is the answer specially designed to achieve what governments and financial institutions have not been able to.

The currency of the Green

GreenGoldCoin is here to be the circulating currency of the only ecosystem created to support, help and generate mass micro-funds for the improvement of the PLANET.

Completely open

Anyone who wishes to make or receive payments can benefit from the GreenGoldCoin ecosystem.
Global loyalty systems, generation of redeemable "points" without Borders, direct cross-payments, and much more

the identity

GreenGoldCoin allows massive collaboration from all over the world anonymously and privately for the support of sustainable solutions in the improvement of the planet's conditions.


The operations carried out within GreenBlocks are ultrafast, you do not need to wait long times for confirmations, your money completely free and as fast and smart as sending an email to any place in the world.
Anytime, Anywhere
for Sellers
Any time, place, person

GreenGoldCoin is designed to be accepted everywhere. Always open, no matter the day, holiday or time.

Really low Fees

Making payments and transactions using GGC only costs you 0.3%, making GGC the lowest fee payment ecosystem in the market.

Loyalty Points and Systems

Go beyond traditional loyalty systems and offer cryptocurrencies redeemable anywhere in the world.

for Buyers
Transparency and immutability

Thanks to using cryptocurrencies instead of traditional money, your payments are protected by the blockchain.

Ultra FAST and Always Open.

The internet never closes, neither can we buy, transfer, pay, receive money from everywhere, any day, at any time.


Within our APP, you can schedule and unschedule payments and transactions as well as automate payments for professional services and fees in an agile, simple and low cost way.

Get within the Private PRE-ICO period and become one of the initial members!
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
1 (Gonzalo Araújo C)
Gonzalo Araújo C
Founder, C.E.O
2 (Demo)
Mauricio Villasmil
Founder, VP Marketing
Alba Medina
Co-Founder & Head of Global Investors
Fernando Ortiz
Fernando Ortiz
Management Advisor
Hermann Andres Ballesteros Villamizar
4 (Demo)
Andrés Solózarno
Crypto Advisor
3 (Demo)
Eduardo G. Chapeta
Chief Innovation Officer
4 (Demo)
Diego Lastra
Chief Technology Officer
1 (Gonzalo Araújo C)
Daniel Echauri
SVP Business Operations
2 (Demo)
Henryk Dabrowski
USA Investor Advisor
3 (Demo)
Joel Ruiz
Tax & Accounting Advisor
4 (Demo)
Enrrí González
Senior Evaluator of Agroprojects
Jose Armando Núñez Villasmil
Marketing Consultant
Osvaldo Vasquez
Green Gold Coin
Frequently Asked Questions

The price of GreenGoldCoin at the first stage of token sale is:
$0.02 usd per GGLD

GreenGoldCoin is the main coin within the GreenGold project, its based on SOLANA, wich is not only created to meet the needs of COINS and TOKENS but also to support the information and data of all IoT sensors within the initiative Agro 4.0 and also all the information of the sale and export to international markets, so there is transparency and traceability of the ecosystem in 360 degrees.

You can learn more about SOLANA at the site dedicated to that project: SOLANA

We believe that technology is the way to improve the lifes of the people without hurt the planet, for that reason we create a business model to develop and apply technology in a all-win scenario, the producers get a fair deal, the consumers get the product they want and investors get great returns of investment.

The GENESIS block in SOLANA will automatically create 21,000,000,000,000 GreenGoldCoins, which will be sold as well as delivered to communities, payment systems, loyalty ecosystems, clubs, and many other markets where each of them will contribute to the expansion and give value..

The SOLANA Blockchain will not allow the emission of additional GGLD tokens.

The number of circulating currencies will be 21,000,000,000,000 enough to give liquidity to all the GREEN Projects that we will be financing, no more GreenGoldCoins will be generated.

Within the currency roadmap, we have 3 months after the release to start having participation in different EXCHANGES in the market, we already have conversations with several of them such as: IndoEx and Dex-trade.

Each exchange has its conditions and methodologies, we are very interested in being the most important circulating currency aimed at end users, although we have been in contact with BITSO, they have told us that the listing process in their exchange goes through several committees and conditions, So we hope to one day be listed with them and we are totally open to work with any exchange that allows us to move forward in our expansion plans.

In order to get GGC tokens directly from us, you need to undergo the KYC verification procedure (Know Your Customer). Mandatory KYC procedure is the requirement of banks and regulatory institutions that service our operating company.

You can also get coins directly from people who have already purchased and are interested in selling them, we can gladly support you in a list of people who might be interested in doing this exchange. If you are interested, write us on the contact form and we will gladly answer you.

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